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Comprehensive music rights clearance services for all your media projects.

Synchronisation Rights

If you are planning to use music over images (film, TV series, web series, ad, etc…), you need to obtain synchronisation rights (also referred to as synch rights) from both the record label and the music publisher. 

These can be expensive and are not always straightforward to clear. Before putting a piece of music in your project, we can check that you will be able to clear at a cost that you can afford. 

Live Performances

If you are planning to use recorded music for a live performance (theatre, ballet, etc.), you may have to obtain the right to do so. Most of the time, the use of music in theatres and concert halls is covered by an agreement between the venue and the Performance Rights Society of the country but not always. 

We can check this on your behalf and organise licences if necessary. 


If you are planning to use music from another artist or composer, you need to make sure you have to obtain the rights (master and publishing) before you include the music in your new tune. 

We can clear both recording and publishing rights on your behalf. 

Grand Rights

If you are planning to use classical music from either an opera or a ballet, you might have to clear Grand Rights. There are some specific rules around these rights linked to the amount of music used, the props, etc. 

If you are unsure as to whether your project include any of these rights, get in touch with us. 





PHASE 1 – $150 to clear publishing, $150 to clear master

PHASE 2 – $150 to license publishing, $150 to license master

EXPRESS CLEARANCE – $500 for publishing, $500 for master

For all other services, please contact us for a quote. We offer discount for multiple song clearances for sync projects. 


Publishing and master clearance are separate clearances. 

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